Háskóli Íslands

Rannsóknamálstofa Viðskiptafræðistofnunar

Inga Minelgaité, nýdoktor við Viðskiptafræðideild Háskóla Íslands, verður með erindi á rannsóknamálstofu Viðskiptafræðistofnunar föstudaginn 25. nóvember kl. 11.35-12.35 í Gimli 102.

Emotional contagion and empathy in leadership

Leadership literature for few decades has acknowledged the importance of empathy and emotion, however, it has not kept up to date with developments in empathy and emotion contagion theory and their integration into leadership theories. Therefore, at this seminar empathy will be discussed in the context of leadership, based on the interdisciplinary research, specifically focusing on leader-follower dyad. The overview of neural underpinnings of empathy found in literature will be presented. Finally, a conceptual model of tango of emotion will be proposed. The model presents process of emotion exchange during the interaction of a leader and a follower across theory of mind and emotional contagion theories. The model contributes to leadership field by providing interdisciplinary approach of empathy and emotion. 

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